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Integration in Central America?
Category: Economy | By SDR, 14-Feb-2020 | Viewed 171  Comments 0 | Source Jose Barrera

Es hora de relanzar la integracion centroamericana - Dionisio Gutierrez
(It's time to relaunch Central American integration)

Central America

By Jose Barrera -

Editor's note: This important question about an European Union type of integration amongst the countries of Central America is covered extensively in the article referenced at the bottom of this blog article. Meanwhile this extract points to the reality that by working together Central America will be stronger.

There is usually talk of two realities in the isthmus, that of the north and that of the south. What should be the common points to promote a regional vision?

Definitely. The northern 3 and 'la finca de Ortega' have much more serious and profound problems than the other two. The problem is that Central America is like the human body. All organs - each country - must function well for the body to survive.

The best example is Costa Rica. Their economic numbers, their security problems and, care, their political stability, depend more and more on the success or failure of their neighbors. And, at the moment, the thing does not look good. With an orderly and well-done integration, Costa Rica, which suffers all the disadvantages of having mediocre neighbors, would benefit from an order that also allows it to take advantage of the advantages offered by a well-made economic integration. And, in addition, the penalties given by their neighbors would be relieved.
The Politics of Integration
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