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Rotary Everest Trek Trekker Profile
Category: Education | By RotaryGlobal, 22-Oct-2011 | Viewed 5455  Comments 0
Jeff Rickard - Mountaineer!

Jeff Rickard

Jeff is soon to attempt a trek up to the Mt. Everest base camp for the Rotary Everest Trek 2012. The goal of this adventure is to help The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) build a school to educate Nepali children - the only school in the region to offer a high school science curriculum. With your help deserving students, regardless of their family's financial resources, can acquire a Gr. 12 diploma and an opportunity for a better life.

Below are excerpts from Jeff's blog of this journey so far. Hopefully Jeff will Journal the trip and school construction for us.

I enjoy challenges and living in Calgary has afforded me the ability to do much hiking and adventuring in the Rocky Mountains. I have always enjoyed my time there and have always felt blessed that I could live in such an affluent society and city that has such great access to the great outdoors. So when Karl proposed to me the idea of trekking up to Everest Base Camp in order to raise money to build a High School in the Solo Khumbu region, how could I resist?

You may see interspersed below some technical information in my blog stream and that is because on this trip I am responsible for many of the technical setup and operation of the Rotary Everest Trek and Rotary Everest Trek Trekker websites. I hope that you find the site informative and inspiring and I want to thank all the people that help to put the site together.

Anyway, I hope that you will give generously and help bring secondary schooling to the people of the Solo Khumbu region in Nepal.

Another Fundraising Kick at the Can

October 20, 2011
I sent out another round of fundraising emails today to encourage some other people to donate who may have forgotten about the cause, but I wanted to make sure that I posted here that I am awe-inspired by the response thus far and amazed by the generosity and the support that I have received to date for this great cause.

I managed to remember to include the all important donation tax receipt angle that I forgot to include in my last round of emails.  I hope to see more donations soon.

Although, no sooner than I sent that second email than I was corrected in saying that it was a Secondary school, not Post-Secondary.  Whoops.

My First Fundraising Push

September 30, 2011
So I managed to make my first donation plea email today.  It is harder writing those things than you think.  Thanks to everyone who donates to me and even those of you that just to the time to come to my trekker page and take a look around.

Everest Photo Gallery

I was setting up a gallery for my recent sailing trip with some of my buddies and I came across this featured gallery in Picasa for a German fellow's Everest Expedition, I thought some of the pictures were quite striking.
Jeff Rickard - Mountaineer!

Getting the Trekker Pages Set up

March 7, 2011
I have been hard at work getting all the trekker pages setup in an appropriate fashion so that people can use them properly.  I think I have all the pieces in order to have it working.  I am adding this entry as part of the testing that I am doing.

-- Jeff Rickard.

For more information visit:

To make a donation to this cause:
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